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When it comes to metal protection & preservation, few processes are as effective as Black Oxide Coating services. Top electroplating company – Excel Plating can provide a strong & reliable finish to steel and other metals that can help protect them from corrosion and wear. As such, it is truly an invaluable asset to many businesses that rely on metal components.

What Is Black Oxide Coating

Black oxide coating is a surface treatment that is commonly utilized in industrial applications to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance of metal parts. It is actually a conversion coating that produces a thin layer(robust) of black oxide on the surface of the metal substrate, providing it with a matte black finish.

The black oxide coating process involves immersing the metal parts in a hot alkaline solution that contains a mixture of sodium hydroxide, nitrates, and nitrites. The result is a durable coating that enhances the appearance of the metal while providing excellent resistance against rust and corrosion.

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What Are The Real Benefits Of Black Oxide Coating
• Enhanced durability and corrosion resistance of metal surfaces.
• Improved wear resistance.
• Enhanced lubricity, reducing friction and wear on moving parts.
• Aesthetically pleasing finish.
• Better adhesion of subsequent coatings, like paint or adhesives.
• Increased surface hardness and strength.
• Reduced light reflection, glare & eye strain.
• Increased electrical conductivity of metal surfaces.
• Can be used as a non-conductive coating for electrical insulation.
• Lowers susceptibility to rust and corrosion in extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

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What Are The Applications Of Black Oxide Coating Services

Automotive industry

Black oxide coatings are widely utilized in the automotive industry for various applications, such as protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, providing a better finish, and enhancing the overall durability and performance of the components.

Aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry, black oxide coatings are used for parts such as gears, shafts, and fasteners to protect against wear & tear, as well as to improve their overall strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Firearms industry

Black oxide coatings are used extensively in the firearms industry to provide a durable, corrosion-resistant finish to metal gun parts.


Medical equipment manufacturers use black oxide coatings to enhance the corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of medical implants and instruments.

Electronics industry

In the electronics industry, black oxide coatings are used for various applications such as grounding, heat dissipation, and EMI shielding.

Tooling and machining

Black oxide coatings are also used for tooling and machining applications to provide wear resistance and improve tool life.

Overall, black oxide coating services are widely used across different industries to improve the durability, performance, and appearance of metal components and surfaces. If you’re looking to enhance the properties of your metal parts, black oxide coating may be the perfect solution for your needs.

How Does The Black Oxide Process Work?

The black oxide process, also known as blackening, is a chemical conversion process that creates a black, oxide layer on the surface of ferrous metals. The process involves immersing the metal part into a heated bath of alkaline salts, nitrates, and other oxidizing agents.

This creates a chemical reaction that produces a black, corrosion-resistant coating on the metal surface. The process is not just for aesthetics. It also increases the wear resistance and lubricity of the metal.

The actual thickness of the coating can be controlled by varying the concentration of the bath and the duration of the immersion. The black oxide process is widely used in various industries such as firearms, automotive, aerospace, and more.

What Are The Types Of Black Oxide Coatings?

There are primarily two types of black oxide coatings: hot black oxide coating and room temperature black oxide coating.

1. Hot black oxide coating

Hot black oxide coating, also known as hot blackening, is the process of blackening steel parts at high temperatures using a solution of sodium hydroxide and nitrate. The process involves submerging the parts in the solution at temperatures ranging from 285-290°C.

The solution reacts with the surface of the steel, creating a black iron oxide coating that is highly corrosion-resistant and offers good lubricity. This process is often utilized in the automotive & aerospace industries.

2. Room temperature black oxide coating

Room temperature black oxide coating, also known as cold blackening, is a chemical process that produces a black oxide coating on metal parts without the use of high temperatures.

The process involves applying a solution of oxidizing agents to the surface of the metal, which reacts with the surface to produce a black oxide coating. The coating produced is highly corrosion-resistant and has excellent adhesion properties. This process is often used for decorative purposes on products such as firearms, hardware, and tools.

It is essential & vital to note that there are also different variations of black oxide coatings, such as copper and zinc black oxide coatings. These coatings are achieved by adding specific chemicals to the black oxide solution, resulting in a coating with unique properties and color.

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Why Choose Excel Plating

If you’re looking for reliable & efficient black oxide coating services, you can trust Excel Plating to provide the best quality coatings available in the market. We have been in the electroplating industry for many years, & we have genuinely mastered the art of black oxide coating.

Our team is composed of skilled & experienced professionals who can truly provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We have the latest equipment & technology that ensures precision & accuracy in every coating project. Our black oxide coatings are not only high quality but also affordable, making us the go-to choice for many businesses.

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